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Accessibility begins with egress

Your homes’ egress is your link to the outside world and must be safe and accessible at all times whether you are coming or going. Egress involves all of your door systems, stairs and/or ramps that lead to the outdoor world.

A few things that you might need to look at would be the width of the door.  Is it wide enough to accomodate a wheelchair, if ever needed?  What about a walker?  Is the transition in and out of the house difficult?  Also, think of the future…will it be difficult down the road?  Are their handrails to assist you once you get outside, especially if there are steps?  Are the door(s) properly installed to make it easier to get into the home with a bagful of groceries or does, say, a screen door slam behind you and hit your ankle?  While that may sound like a silly thing to fix, it is actually very dangerous because it can throw your balance off rather quickly and you may end up falling.